May 23, 2014
Attention Seattle Residents! Find Your Next Jeep at Dave Smith Motors

Attention Seattle Residents! Find Your Next Jeep at Dave Smith Motors

Travel anywhere in the World and, chances are, you’ll come across a Jeep vehicle. Every Jeep is unique, creates its own path and carries on the motto of ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’ wherever it happens to be. Dave Smith Motors wants to help you create your own Jeep path with our great selection and customization options.

Your Jeep Destination

We have thousands of customers that visit us from all over the country looking for their next Jeep. They come to Dave Smith for the professional customer service and because we can put them in the exact vehicle they want. At Dave Smith Motors, our Jeep customers don’t have to settle for a vehicle they like ‘for the most part.’ With our huge selection of vehicles, sometimes up to 100 of the same color with different trim options, we can figure out exactly what you want and let you try it out RIGHT THEN!

Custom Connection

After deciding on a color and trim, our custom auto body shop and on-site accessories department will help you create the Jeep vehicle you’ve always wanted. Rims, tires, lift-kits and more! The Dave Smith Motors Accessories Department is nationally recognized and has an enormous selection of options available to make your Jeep truly unique in appearance. And the best part…these accessories can be financed along with your vehicle or can be paid separately!

Seattle Jeep Dealership Dave Smith Motors

Why Choose Dave Smith?

There’s a reason we are the #1 Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep Dealer in the World. Our huge selection of inventory to choose from, our complimentary VIP shuttle that picks our customers up at the Spokane International Airport, but most of all they love our LOW PRICES! Our sales team is committed to the Dave Smith Motors ‘No Pressure, Hassle Free Buying’ policy, and they are ready to work with you to find the exact Jeep that you’re looking for. If you’re in the Seattle area and thinking about a making a new Jeep purchase, consider the Jeep specialists at Dave Smith Motors.

*The definition of hassle free buying is the customers choice to buy without the hassle of negotiating.